Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bad To The Bone! Buh buh buh baaaad!

Hi Readers!  Today I'm hanging with a few of my friends doing a Tutorial Tuesday theme.  I've said this before but I'll say it again, I pretty much am today all because of Soguesswhat 11 on Youtube!  Gina is AHmazing and she has inspired me to do so much.  When I first started out all I ever did was copy here designs.  After awhile I was able to do my own lol!  But there was a day when she copied me and I just about hit the floor!  Today I'm paying homage to her fantastically creative mind and I did a mani she named Bad To The Bone because it's one of my dad's favorite songs.  My dad is the sweetest guy on the planet but he told my little sister and I once that when he died he wanted it played at his funeral LOL!

This one's for you dad!
 This is SO not me so that makes it SO me LOL!!!!!!!

If you haven't ever seen a tutorial by Soguesswhat 11 on youtube now's your chance to start!  I guarantee you'll be hooked on her stuff!  Here's the tutorial for the mani I'm wearing today--Bad To The Bone using Mash plates 26-50

Stop by and share some love with Gina!

And check out what my friends came up with for their Tutorial Tuesday!