Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday--LuvMyLacquer!

Hi Readers! Happy Monday!  I had today's MSMD mani pinned for AGES!  I'm so glad I went though my Pinterest board to look check out some stuff I had on there.  I love Pinterest everything you want to see is in one spot for you---AWESOME!
This mani is nice and sweet and simple.  I had forgotten how much I loved to just do one color and then stamp lol!  My gradient obsession might have taken over lately LOL!

I used two Zoya's from the Beach Collection Lara and Arizona and then since I didn't have the glitter Jessica used I did a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and stamped using Mash M78

It's summery! It's cute! It's fun! and it was easy!

The beauty of this baby--you can wear something pink OR orange with it lol!

You can find Jessica's original post for it here  and be sure to checks hers out because that glitter was so cool!

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  1. Cool!!! I went to see Jessica's post and i remembered i have seen it before lol. You did great! :D***

  2. you were right to be psyched - amazeballs!

  3. soo nice, colors look awesome together!!

  4. Ahh! The glitter on top is awesome, I need more glitter in my manis!

  5. Really love these! Love the bit of sparkle ^-^