Saturday, March 17, 2012

You can lead a horse to water II

Hi Readers--remember the you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink water marble failure?  Well guess what--if you lead him there kicking and screaming and threaten him no carrots or sugar cubes for treats he WILL drink!  Chatting with some of my nail polish facebook friends today the shamrock water marble by Colette was making the rounds.  But before even seeing this youtube tutorial I had seen one done by Jodi of Captivating Claws.  I love Jodi and I love her ability to water marble.  I don't not love Colette it's just that I don't know her personally the way I do Jodi.  Checking out Jodi's blog here.  To see Colette's youtube tutorial check here.  I already had my mani done for St Patrick's Day.  I decided to just do a nice needle marble with Viridian and Sally Hansen Ivy League.  It even turned out here's a picture of it
I guess it just wasn't good enough for me.  Either that or I just didn't want to be beat on the water marbling!  I sat down and said okay horse this is it--it's crunch time and BAM it's like my horse won the Kentucky Derby!
Yes success! Not only did I manage to water marble I managed to marble shamrocks!
Here's the right hand!
Here's close up of the left hand
My favorite design is my left thumb
Sorry clean up isn't the best but water marbling is messy as all get out!

So today is St Patrick's Day readers--do you celebrate it?  Do you know why it is celebrated?  St Patrick is the most commonly recognized patron saint of Ireland.  St Patrick's day was made a feast day in the 17th century and it's usually celebrated by wearing green and lifting Lenten eating and drinking restrictions for the day.  It is believed that St Patrick used the clover aka shamrock as representation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the pagans.  St Patrick's Day is basically a day for all to celebrate the Irish culture.  Today we're ALL Irish!  

I wish all of you a happy and safe St Patrick's Day--wear green so you don't get a pinch!  Don't eat too much corned beef and cabbage and don't drink too much green beer.

Erin Go Bragh readers!


  1. Beautiful!! I love to see water marbles, but fail at doing them! LOL! Your shamrocks look fabulous!

    1. I am so awful at them as well! I honestly do not know why these turned out so well BUT I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth!

  2. Oh, that's wonderful! Love it! :)

  3. so so so jealous of your awesome water marbling skills!

  4. Wow, these are so pretty!!!