Friday, March 16, 2012

Franken Friday--Rigger

Hi Readers!  A couple of days ago I did some frankening and came up with a Tristam dupe--this is not what I'm showing you today though lol!  I had wanted to try my hand and duping both Tristam and Lady of the Lake and succeeded with Tristam but not Lady.  My Lady dupe is too pinky purple I still love her but she's not the exact dupe I was going for.  I was pretty much on a duping Tristam high then got to thinking about St Patrick's Day right around the corner and why don't I try to come up with a forest green scattered holo.  So I did just that! OMG readers this one is a beauty!  I named it Rigger after one of my favorite books by  Kelly Jamieson--it might actually be my favorite book of hers.
Here's a nice bottle shot
Check out this gorgeous close up under the lamp light
HOLY COW I cannot begin to express how much I love scattered holos!  To me they have the most depth of any finish--truly, truly gorgeous
Since it's almost St Patrick's day I decided to add a little shamrock
How cute is that???!
This franken was easy readers believe it or not.  I simply took a bottle of NYC Flat Iron Green which is a deep dark green and added some Nfu-Oh 65 to it.  I know people think it's crazy to franken with Nfu-Oh but I've done if a few times now and always have STUNNING results.  I'm sure I'll be showing off my Tristam dupe in the future too so stay tuned!

Are you ready for St Patrick's Day???? It's tomorrow readers!  I wonder what mani I'll be sporting???!!!

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