Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The trusty ol' zebra

Hi Readers!  Today I hauled out the trusty zebra print mani.  My internet daughter Rebecca of Rebecca Likes Nails fame is having a contest.  Check it out here.  It's her first ever nail art contest on the hosting side and she wants to see her favorite things.  Well since I can't just snag Jared Padalecki and drop him off on her doorstep I'm going to have to do this the legal way and enter lol!  Rebecca is like the queen of gradients so it's a bit intimidating to enter a gradient BUT that didn't stop me from doing one!  I'm featuring a franken of mine in this gradient too--I wonder if I will get bonus points for that?  Here it is my lovely blue to blurple to purple zebra print!
I started with two coats of China Glaze 2NITE from the OMG collection and then sponged on my holo franken Riding On Instinct and finished with LOL from the China Glaze OMG collection.  I really love how it turned out.  Sure it's holo but it's actually prettier than an in your face linear holo--the stamping helps with that I think.
Here's a close up
I would have tried to get out in the sun for pics but no go since we have had nothing but overcast skies the past few days.  
Here's a pic with with flash
I mean come on readers who doesn't love a purple zebra????  As a lovely added bonus I decided to do a zebra ring--no gradient for this one but I used A England's Ascalon
Here's a picture of the polishes I used left to right China Glaze 2NITE, my franken Riding On Instinct, and China Glaze LOL
Have any of you entered Rebecca's contest readers??!  I certainly encourage everyone to do so!!

I am thinking of sending her this just in case--what do you think?  Will I be a shoe in?


  1. Really pretty Laurie... great job!! :D

  2. bahahahhahahah the 'hey beks...' of JPad is THE BEST PART! :)

  3. Gorgeous! And haha, you cheater :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I just had to pull out the big guns and send that pic to her LOL!!!!!!

  5. sorry but only the REAL jared will persuade me!!