Friday, March 2, 2012

Franken Friday--Two are better than one!

Hi Readers!  Today I have some exciting frankens to show you!  I made my first ever from pigment franken the other day!  One of the last times I was at Sally Beauty Supply I picked up a really pretty greeny bluey eyeshadow.  I crushed it up into a fine dust and then added it to a SUPER old NYC way too sheer polish I had.  I NEVER throw away polishes because you never know when you could use them!  It was a bit too light for me so I added just a few drops of Essie Midnight Cami and then a dash or two of Nfu-Oh 61 to give it some extra sparkle and BAM my Naked Edge was born.  Some of you might know I love to name my frankens after my favorite books.  Naked Edge is part of the I Team Series written by Pamela Clare--LOVE her stuff!

Here's collage I put together of Naked Edge
Admittedly it's gorgeous on it's own BUT I recently got a wonderful franken from my friend Caroline called Ariel's Tail.  It's a lovely diamond shaped glitters or green and blue with some stars in it as well.  It looks AHmazing over black so I decided to do some black tips topped with Ariel's Tail and voila!
I love, love, LOVE this!!!
Look how pretty Ariel's Tail is with my Naked Edge!!!
It's so pretty I had to make a ring out of it!!
What do you think of my first pigmented franken?  I love it (yep breaking my arm patting myself on the back lol).  And you just can't go wrong with two gorgeous frankens making on one mani!  So simple yet so pretty!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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