Saturday, March 10, 2012

I know someone famous--do you??

Hi Readers!  It's been a year now since I've started stamping and I can't believe it!  I have gotten SO much better.  I think Amazon everyday for those recommendations it kept giving me based on the few OPI's I snagged on there lol.  I kept seeing Konad and Bundle Monster images and one night I said just what exactly are these things and from there it was all she wrote!  I did a lot of "google" searching and one of the first tutorials I came across was this one.Little did I know just a few weeks later I would actually meet Gina that great person behind the nails!  We both entered a Bundle Monster contest and I recognized her entry as she used Granny's Afghan.  We started to talk via the contest and I learned not only does she have fantastic YouTube tutorials she is sweet as heck!  We've been friends ever since! If you've always been wanting to try stamping but were afraid to give it a try watch all of Gina's tutorials.  She is VERY creative!  To honor her today AND keep up with my St Patrick's Day Theme I totally copied this one from her!  She and I both share a love of the magnetic polishes so you know she has to be cool lol!  Here's the tutorial on YouTube
So St Patricky and SO easy!  I would have never, ever thought of striping on the magnetic--this is why I need Gina lol!
Here's a close up
I used a Nabi magnetic here and actually used the magnet that came with it as I was covering a smaller surface.  I left the shamrock off on this mani as I had used shamrocks a few times and needed a little change lol!

I really love this green Nabi but how it looks on the nail is WAY different than the bottle! Check it out!
In the bottle the green is a light green but once you get the magnet to do it's magic you get a gorgeous emerald green!
Here's a swatch of it on my nails without any artwork
Love, love, LOVE this one! And thanks to Gina I could spice it up a bit!  

I have a HUGE collection of these Nabi magnetic polishes.  They are super affordable and have a ton of colors--you should be able to find them at Walgreen's.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Gina is so sweet, and your nails look awesome!

  2. I am LOVING that green AND your nails look fantastic! Great job!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I really love Gina and honestly thank her so much for my love of stamping!

  4. Is that green or teal? I have seen reviews that say the teal is actually an emerald green colour. LOVELY!!!