Monday, March 5, 2012

Give peace a chance!

Hi Readers!  Being an American I have a lot of pride in our flag and I'm sure it's no different for people from all over.  I think we're pretty lucky having red, white and blue BUT there are some other colors that seem to work really well together--the Irish Flag being one of them.  The Irish Flag colors are Green, White, and Orange.  Green represents the Catholic people, orange represents the Protestant people and white represents peace.  The flag was actually created by a French woman who understood and sympathized with the plight of the Irish people (hmmmm ANOTHER woman flag maker!)  She presented it to Thomas Francis Meagher as a gift in 1848 but it was not until 1916 it was raised at the post office in Dublin.  My mani today features the Irish flag!
I felt like it would be a bit much to have every nail painted like the flag so just a nice accent nail along with some lucky four leaf clovers over green on the others.  
This is just a nice, simple look to celebrate St Patrick's Day I think.

This is a pretty straight forward mani.  For the flag I did 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow, the green is OPI Jade Is The New Black and the orange is OPI Atomic Orange.  I tried my best to do the scotch tape mani for the straight lines but honestly I do not do a good job with those tape mani's!  I ended up just going over the straight edges.  I used Jade Is The New Black for the non flag nails them stamped the clover image from a Shany plate in gold. TA DA it's just that easy!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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  1. That is such a cute idea! Now you need an Italy mani, just for me!