Friday, March 30, 2012

Do two halves make a whole??

Hi Readers!  I have another half moon mani!  Actually this mani is on my right hand and I sported it the same time as my mani from yesterday! So YES I had on two completely different mani's readers!  I've been doing that a bit lately as I did with my snakeskin mani from Animalistic Week.  So far no one has looked at me like I'm a wacko so I guess it's okay.  So what's exciting about today's mani--wellllllllll it features one of my frankens!  I named this one Fury after a story in the New Species series by Laurann Dohner.  I'm not a huge fan of science fiction romance yet I LoVED this series!
Here's a bottle shot of Fury.  My wonderful friend Claude (Claudia) sent me this bottle of MNY that I HAD to have because of the handcuffs on the cap!  I added some Nfu-Oh 63 to it in the hope I was making a dark vampy scattered holo.  Not really what I intended as it seems deep magenta to me but I super love it none the less!
I wish I would have done a better bottle shot--can you see the little handcuffs on the bottle? OMG that is why I HAD to have some of this polish.  Claude sent me a black one too which I adore and good thing as she informed me they are being discontinued.  FYI readers I love handcuffs for some reason!
Here's what Fury looks likes--pretty dang gorgeous if you ask me!
It looks great here and I could have stopped here but come on who are we kidding readers????? You know I don't "do" plain polish lol!  I decided to do another half moon mani with Fury and topped him with Essie Spash of Grenadine
Just like yesterday's mani I added some dots to this one.  I really like the color combinations together
And here's how it looks right side up!
I got some assistance from the camera man to try to get pics of both hands together.  
Don't worry readers there's nothing wrong with your eye sight.  It's not you it's the pic lol!  As I've said before the camera man shakes likes he's 124 instead of 24 lol!
After I finished this mani I was looking at Fury and thinking oh oh don't I already have this color?  I recently acquired OPI DS Extravagance and I was worried I had duped it!
Hmmm they look close BUT mine is darker and the the holo pigments is much smaller THEREFORE I need these both LOL!  Do you see those little handcuffs on the MNY bottle readers? OMG seriously I love it!  I wish they would make hand cuffs on a stamping plate.  I would be all over that plate!

What do you think readers--am I crazy to wear two different colors on each hand?  How are you liking this one compared to yesterday's?  And what do you think of my franken Fury?
OOOH speaking of Fury here's the cover from the book!
I should have done the chain image!!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. I like the different colours on each hand :] looks good.

  2. I like to wear different colors on each hand as well, and I love the way you switched up the dots from hand to hand.

  3. I have this on my phone to read! My friend tells me today 'Hey, someone blogged about Fury nails...I guess nail polish and romance novels do go together' and I thought LAURIE! It must be her! So I ran here to look and lo and behold, I was right! <3