Saturday, September 20, 2014

When Watermarbling isn't a fail

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  I'm so thankful for the weekend.  Tomorrow I'm going to be meeting up with one of my best polish/makeup pals to watch the Packer game!  While we both live in Wisconsin we don't exactly live a few minutes away so we decided to pick a half way point! Woot!!! I am really excited to finally meet her in person.  Even better is the fact we are both playing against each other in our Fantasy Football League.

I need to try to come up with some Packer nails but in the meantime . . .

This week's challenge in the Advanced Nail Stamping group is stamping over water marbling.  Just marbling alone is often a huge challenge for a lot of people and it's always, always, ALWAYS messy.  Water marbling for me is a hit and miss.  I never used filtered water which is what most say you have to use, instead I used distilled water.  Also room temperature in Wisconsin is definitely not what room temperature in Arizona is so room temperature is a pretty vague term if you ask me.  When I marble I don't heat up my water, I do use truly room temperature which is rather cold.

I find using brand new polishes work a lot better than something you've had in your drawer for a few months or years. It's hard to say which brands work and which brands don't again I really think it has to do with "fresh" polish.  So far it's the only thing that's worked for me.

That being said my newest polishes are the OPI Nordic Collection so I pulled out 2 of my faves, My Dogsled Is A Hybrid and Do You Have This Color In Stock-holm and did some marbling.
This was super easy to do and the colors spread out great
I know alot of people are keen on just sporting a water marble manicure however the challenge this week was stamping over a marble so I had to stamp over it
I think it turned out great!  I love how you can see the base underneath but also see the stamping over it
My thumb turned out great too!
Since I have some time to play around today I think I'm going to try the water marble decal method and see how that works out.  If it does I'll be sure to report back!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Go Pack! Go!!