Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lotsa Dotsa!!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy glorious weekend to you!  The theme this week in the advanced nail stamping group is dotticures.  Let me just start off by saying this--unlike my fab friend Debbie aka The Crumpet I am not a fan of the dotticure.  Oh don't get me wrong, I love looking at dotticures.  I love seeing what everyone else can come up with when it comes to dotticures, as for me actually doing them--I am a huge failure.  

Everyone always comes up with these great ideas and these amazing color combinations but not me.  While I definitely have the "bad picker" gene I certainly do lack the "good dotter" gene.

Here's what makes the dotticure theme this week all the more horrible--I'm the one who picked the theme! OMG yes how was I this stupid?  

Everyone else in the group pretty much knocked this week out of the ball park.  I'll share my pretty tame dotting mani's with you and you can be the judge of whether or not my "good dotter" gene is missing.

First up a dotted gradient I did with a bunch of oranges sitting next to me.  This one was born basically out of being too lazy to get up and look for other colors

It just didn't move it, so the next day I stamped over it with the Pueen Encore set
Naturally I like it much better with the stamping over it but i also think it's because the colors look great with black.

From a distance you can't even tell there are dots under the stamping
So this one was okay after I stamped on it

Next since I decided how much I liked stamping over dots I did another one with full on stamping over them in mind
I wish I knew how to make my camera take pics of blurple's but it just does happen.  But how cute is this?!!!
I dotted with some fun colors and then put on Sally Hansen Pacific Blue to go along with them
Some CiCi & SiSi stamping makes it pretty great I think.

I do find I enjoy a stamped look over my dots.  I'm going to play around with this look more often I think.

The week's not over yet either!  I'm hoping to get a couple more dotticures done before the weekend is over.

What do you guys think?  Do you like your dots straight up--or do you like stamping over them?


  1. Hi Laurie, I always feel like dots are Spring or Summer looks, but you have given them a more seasonally appropriate Autumn feel here between the stamping and your color choices. I enjoy your blog!

  2. I can't decide if I like the orange dots best with or without stamping; they both look fab!