Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge--Stamp over glitter!

Hi Readers!  Happy Father's Day to those of you celebrating it today. My post is late because I had my grand nephew's birthday party today AND Father's Day!  We had a blast though so really I'm not too sorry lol!  I gave Sean a bubble gun for his 2nd birthday and it was a HUGE hit!
I was a bit leery of the challenge today because stamping over glitter isn't so easy.  It's also a reason why I'm not really on the huge have all the indie polishes kick.  I don't like a "plain" mani.  I like a design and stamping on mine so some huge chunks of glitter tossed into a colored base really don't do much for me because stamping over them rarely works.
BUT I am lucky enough to have a fabulous indie polish with glitter from my friend Amy of I'm Feeling Nailventurous that takes stamping like a charm!  Months ago when I got my coveted and most loved Voodoo Doll from Amy I also got this gem of a polish Hurricane Season.  I hadn't worn it today and seriously I need more than 50 lashes for that!  It is SPECTACULAR!  It's a steely blue grey with loads of micro silver glitter.  To amp it up just a bit I layered my Ragnelle franken over it and basically I fell in love
The good news is I wore this for awhile without stamping on it so I could really appreciate it's beauty!
BUT I haven't missed a Sunday challenge yet so when I got home I stamped on it!
Isn't she a beauty???!!!
I absolutely love the image I picked to stamp over it too!  So cool!  It's from the new MASH set--it's plate Mash-38  It reminds me of the camo clothes they try to make look cool--really camo is only cool when you're in the military though lol!
Really how cool is this???
I just love the color of Hurricane Season--it's the perfect stormy blue.
What do you think of this one Readers??

I hope you all had a great weekend!