Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Challenge--Wimbledon!

Hi Readers!  Today's Summer Challenge is Wimbledon.  I don't know about you guys but when I think about Wimbledon only one thing comes to mind--Andre Agassi.  Yep in my humble opinion the greatest tennis player EVAH!  And of course when I think of Andre Agassi usually the first thing I think of is his tight little butt in those cute denim shorts he wore when he first hit the circa at the tender age of 17! OMG so I present you with my Wimbledon Summer Challenge!
If you were expecting some kind of free hand tennis rackets um think again lol!  This is as good as I can get with Wimbledon.  And it's my first acid wash mani.  I'm not a huge fan.
I feel like one of those kids in school who were doing cool thinks like skateboarding but when you tried it you sucked at it

Let's see who's denim looks better shall we?
or mine
oooooh definitely Andre's!!!!
Yes I had to put that cute hairy belly shot in there!
I miss Andre Agassi alot--tennis doesn't appeal to me much anymore without him.  He was handsome, charismatic and a helluva tennis player!
That's him winning in 1992 it brought tears to my eyes.
So did this one of him in 2006, his last Wimbledon, which also brought tears to me eyes.  Heck I'm bawling now writing this up!
I miss you Andre.  I hope your life is all you need/want it to be now!

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  1. When you put it this way - his tight little butt at the tender age of 17 - no wonder that he takes the bet big time!
    But when I manage to clear my head for a second from the pics running in there, I do think that your mani is great!
    I have never tried acid before and I must say I know the feeling you are talking about when it looks better on others, but i really like yours!
    With, and even without Andre's yummy butt.

    1. I wanted this too look cool on me it just didn't lol I'm thinking getting some feather extensions how much do you want to bet those are going to look dumb on me too???!!

  2. LOL You crack me up Laurie. You captured his denim covered butt perfectly ;)

    1. He did have a really fine butt lol!

  3. What a tribute :) Somebody should send him a link to this blog post ;) I like your mani very much!

  4. lol you're so funny :) great mani tho x

  5. how do you do the acid wash mani? and also, is he really wearing elastic waist shorts?? hahahahahahaha!

  6. love it. when he was big time my mom wanted me to marry him SO bad. probably so she could vicariously live through me.