Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Challenge Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hi Readers!  The challenge in Adventures In Stamping this Sunday is Hot! Hot! Hot!  I'm featuring a mani with hot colors but also one with a special place in my heart.  Relay For Life has hit my town this weekend.  And this is the first year my family attended since the death of my beautiful sister Lisa.  She died from triple negative breast cancer just shy of her 45th birthday.  She was one of the best parts of my life and I miss her terribly.  I honestly did not want to attend this year but my mom wanted to go and asked if I would go with her.  My wonderful sister Lynelle and best brother in law in the world, Chris, said they would go too so I felt good knowing I would be surrounded by family.  Losing someone to cancer is hard.  It changes your life forever.  It's nchanged our family dynamic.  I have a lot of anger still and didn't really want to go because I was angry and bitter others have survived but not my sister.  After talking to some friends about this--wonderfully supportive friends, who didn't make me feel like crap for feeling this way--I realized that while my sister did not survive someone else's sister did.  And for that I should go and celebrate the event.  This is the mani I chose to wear for those women who's sisters did survive
I did a lovely gradient using 3 holos, Sally Hansen Mandarin Garnet, DS Ruby and or course my beloved Ozotic 621--I love 621 it's the best red holo EVAH!
I stamped with Milani White On using Mash-38 and RA110.
 Checked it out in the sun the day of the event!
Lisa loved red I think she would have liked this
I think it turned out pretty good!
Here's a small world Readers.  Every year we went to this Relay with my sister to support her and walk the survivor lap (as she did survive 8 years after her diagnosis) I would run into a guy I went to Junior High School with and who I also worked with at one of the many banks I worked at in my life.  His name is Bob and even though we had't seen each other for years he recognized me right away as I did him that first time.  Every year after that we would run into each other on the track and talk and catch up.  I saw both him and his wife again this year and he mentioned he hadn't seen me in awhile so I shared with him Lisa had succumbed to her cancer and died in 2009 which is why we hadn't come for awhile.  We talked about how hard it was but that it was good for me to be there and I noticed my mom was talking to his wife, who I knew was a nurse but I didn't know she had actually been one of Lisa's nurses for her chemotherapy care.  So what a very small world.

I truly hope cancer has not touched your life Readers--to those of it whom it has my heart goes out to you.  

I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. This is such a sweet post. It seems there is hardly a person alive anymore where cancer has not touched their lives in some way.

    It's a beautiful mani to honour your sister <3

  2. What a lovely mani. I'm so very sorry for your loss. xoxo

  3. made me cry! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. Even though it may have been hard for you to go to the event, it sounds like it was good therapy for you - I'm glad you were able to connect to your old acquaintance. :)

  4. I still say Lisa would have loved this and been very proud of you for going and supporting such a worthy cause. Even if it only helps one person it is worth it. ♥

  5. These awesomely awesome nails are gonna make me flat-line!!!

  6. :( Sorry for your loss! The mani's very pretty.