Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holo Hump Day!!!

Hi Readers!  Happy Wednesday or aka Happy Hump Day!  My friends and I have gotten together once again with a group mani and this time we chose Holo Hump Day.  Because blue is my "problem" color I had no issues whatsoever hauling out China Glaze 2Nite and my holo franken Safe Word ( ad dupe to DS Glamour) to make a gorgeous mani!
First my gradient sans stamping!
Super lovely gradient in the sun!
BUT that's the downside to a holo.  They really only shine, sparkle and come to live outside during the day in the sun.  If you are like me and cooped up inside during the day a holo is sort of wasted.  That's why I always stamp on my holos!
This is still a great gradient but when you're inside it looks great too!
I think the white rectangles and squares give this a hip funky look!
When I asked my son what I should stamp over my gradient he basically gave me the look that said "who gives a rip" but at the last minute he came up with "why don't you use the plate I bought you for Mother's Day you haven't used yet???!" Yikes! He was right so I hauled out my Cheeky XL A plate and stamped using Milani White On.  I love how it looks!
Make sure you check out everyone else's mani for Holo Hump Day!!