Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Challege--Green, Blue and Aqua!

Hi Readers!  Today's is green, blue and aqua day in the summer challenge.  I decided to go holo gradient--I know you're shocked right lol!!!!  Come on now i haven't gradiented in awhile--wait I just did it Sunday LOL! Okay whatever I'm good at gradienting so I'm doing it again!!!
I used a couple of my holo frankens for this gradient--the light green is my Special Gifts and the dark blue is my Seeing Blind.  The Aqua in the middle is Jade Energy.  I really like this gradient alot!
I tried using green blue aqua first and that was a major fail.  Green aqua blue is much better!
I tried to amp this baby up by stamping but it didn't really work!  It was hard to find polishes that would show up over the holo!  
It's alot easier to see indoors lol!
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  1. gorgeous.. You truly are the gradient Queen!

  2. I like how the stamping isn't completely visible!

    1. Rose oddly enough so do I! AND it really shows up in shadows so it was nice because I had a mani that looked great outside in the sun and indoor in shade lol!

  3. pretty gradient and I like the subtle stamping!