Monday, June 18, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--Pinterest Find!

Hi Readers! Well today's MSMD post is going to be ugly.  Yes I mean ugly.  Oh lord I was doing so good and then I had to go and get confident with my "cutesy" ability and MAJOR FAIL!  I saw this cute tutorial on Pinterest awhile ago and I said "oh that's SO cute" I didn't get a chance to do the ladybug summer challenge so I wanted to at least get them in with MSMD and holy cow I was better off leaving well enough alone!  Here it is the good, the bad and the pretty crummy
I don't know I'm just not really feeling these little ladybugs!  I guess I'm just not really a cute kind of gal lol!  I have a pic with thumbie but it's the only one I took and it's a bit blurry lol!
When it comes to free hand it's like I have no hands!

Here's where I found the cute tutorial--I just wish mine were as cute!

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