Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Challenge--Hippie, retro

Hi Readers!  Today's Summer Challenge theme is hippie, retro, summer of love.  I'm old BUT not old enough to be a hippie--well I guess there is no age limit on hippies but I'm still not one lol!  I decided to go the stereotype hippie and do some tie dye nails!
Then because it's me I had to do some stamping!
Far out man!!!
You might recognize this as a technique I've done before--needle marble.  It's SUPER easy!  You just drag the needle across your nails for this design.  I wanted to use rainbow colors but my green just didn't work and my nails weren't really wide enough to use all 7 colors lol.  I settled for China Glaze Salsa, OPI Atomic Orange, Zoya Pippa and Pure Ice French Kiss.  
It's pretty groovy!
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