Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Challenge--Go Goth for Emily!

Hi Readers!  Today's Sunday Challenge is all about my friend Emily!  She LOVES Goth and she kept wanting it for the Sunday challenge and it kept getting out voted so today it's all about her beloved Goth lol!  I'm not going to lie Readers I was like what the french is Goth?  Well I can tell you one thing it's not--it's not the wreck of a remake Tim Burton did with Dark Shadows!  OMG do not even get me started on that!  He completely and totally ruined what was a fantastic tv series for piss sake! ARG! 

OOPS I was getting started so back to the nails!  

Okay so since I didn't really know what condoned Goth I decided to just go for some dark colors and again I want to smack myself!  I FINALLY hauled out the Vampire's Love Essence's I got a bazillion years ago and used The Dawn Is Broken--which I have used before and Hunt Me If You Can which is the most incredible gorgeous black on the planet I think.  Go lord Readers if you have some stuff in your untrieds haul 'em out!  

First I started with a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wet Cement.  For my gradient I used Essence The Dawn Is Broken and Hunt Me If You Can.  This is a kick ass gradient!
The Dawn Is Broken and Hunt Me If You Can have buried shimmer in them that is so delicious!  The Dawn Is Broken has micro dark blue pieces in it and Hunt Me If You Can has micro prismatic shimmer.
Okay here's where I drew a complete blank.  What did I want to do here?  Well what I wanted to do was this I wanted to do some dark clouds creeping over a full moon with a scary house with possibly some bats BUT then my fab friend Sarah from Chalkboard Nails reminded me I had the new Bundle Monster set--yes I got them on Friday and I hadn't even opened them yet.  So this is what I did instead!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you see that Readers???? BARB WIRE!!!! OMG!  Before the 3rd set from Bundle Monster came out this was me to them "I sure would love a barbed wire image" "Hey it would be great to see a barbed wire image" "oooh maybe you guys could do a barbed wire image" And as you can see someone listened to me!!!!! The barbed wire is from plate BM323
Is this Goth? um probably not.  Could this possibly be Goth meets Cowboy?? Maybe.  I don't really know/care what it is, it's HAWT!  I posted this on Bundle Monster's Facebook wall and got some nice compliments.  My fave one was from Cris of Let Them Have Polish she called it bad ass!! You know when Cris tells you you're mani is bad ass it's a good one so now my head is HUGE and i worry about getting out the door!
I'm not really sure what Emily is going to think of it though LOL!  I told her it was going to be the best of both our worlds colliding!  Anyone who knows me knows I love me some hot cowboys!!!! Barbed wire always reminds me of hard working  mega sexy cowboys.   Oh who am I kidding it just reminds me of cowboys period they don't even have to be mega sexy!
The new Bundle Monster set is fantastic!  Just like the two previous sets the plates are perfectly etched and the designs unique and fun.  The images are nice and large and should fit most fingers.  I didn't even have to worry about getting all of the image to fit my thumb.  The 3rd set is similar to the 2nd set in that there are more full size nail images rather than small separate images.  The only downside to this is if you only have one set it's hard to layer.  SO I recommend owning all three sets LOL!
Here's a picture of the polishes I used and how my sponge looked for gradienting
I will definitely be doing this mani again for work!  I already know the shirt it will match lol!  
What do you think about this look Readers?  Do you think barbed wire can be Goth? More importantly do you think Emily is going to like this as much as I do????

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Love this mani!! I had just finished photography mine and checked FB and there your's were....I used the barbed wire too :) And the Dark Shadows thing...I decided not to go see it when I realized it was a comedy...I used to rush home from school to see the series...LOL

  2. Yay! Great minds think alike! And I rushed home to watch it too! OMG I ran like crazy off the bus to get home!!! I can't wait to see your barbed wire mani Jackie!!!!

  3. Well you know how I feel about the Dark Shadows thing, don't get me started either! LOL But this is an awesome mani!!! I have only used one of my polishes from that set, shame on me.

  4. Hi I was wondering how to join your facebook group. I have my own blog and would love to share and see others designs and ideas to.

  5. Yes, Emily approves & likes it very much. :)