Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally made the Summer Challenge!

Hi Readers!  I've finally made a mani for the Summer Challenge going on over at Purple Crumpet Fairy on Facebook.  Everyone else has an entire week if not more on me lol.  Today's entry is for swimming pool.  Well let me tell you Readers I have a mani that will blow your swim trunks right off (OMG I hope Alex O'Loughlin is reading this right now because those are some trunks I'd definitely love to see floating on top of the water!)  My nail polish friend Julia posted this awesome Flickr shot of a gradiented magnetic.  Yes you heard me GRADIENT MAGNETIC!  When I saw it I thought omg I HAVE to do that!  I love magnetics.  I decided on trying a few of my Nabi blue's together and here's what I came up with!
I chose a dark navy blue, a medium royal blue and then and aqua.  I am so happy with how this turned out!
I think the magnetic stripes in it definitely look wavy and therefore YES swimming poolish! Woot!
Here's a ring I wouldn't wear in the pool with this mani but it looks cool just the same!  It's my new hinged "cage" ring
I wanted to be able to wear it on my index finger but it's too small despite being labeled a size 7 lol!
Before I tell you how I did this fab mani I want to give kudos to the gal who came up with the idea first!  
Check out her mani  Thanks Tiane for such a great idea.

Now how did I do mine?  It was actually very simple.  I did a gradient using 3 of my blue Nabi's.  The darkest blue is labeled Navy Blue, the medium blue has no label lol but it's a medium royal blue and the light one is labeled Sky Blue but to me it's an aqua.  Here's a pic of the colors I used and how the sponge looked
I went darkest to lightest from cuticles to tips.  I did a couple coats of gradient to give me a nice build up.  Then one at a time I applied a clear topcoat--don't use a fast drying one--and as soon as the clear went on I used the magnet.  GENIUS!  The topcoat rewets your magnet polish making it available to magnetize!

Seriously how cool is this??? So cool it's definitely a swimming pool cool mani!!!!

Have you thought about trying a magnetic gradient?? I say GO FOR IT!

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  1. Holy jeez, you are the queen of gradients!

  2. This is the first I've heard of a magnetic gradient. I'll for sure give it a try!

    1. Yes please do!!! I can't wait to see yours!

  3. freaking awesome dude! nice job!

  4. I love that tip about re-wetting the polish with a non-quick dry fast coat. I wondered how you did it when I first saw it! Great trick. :)

  5. This is amazing!!! Now I wish I had more magnetic colors to try it out. Great job!

  6. These look amazing!

  7. Hey Laurie, how are you? I'm Tiane and I was soooo honored to be linked in your website. Thank you so much! Your mani is PERFECT :)

  8. Beautiful mani but wow does that ring look uncomfortable.