Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pretty In Pink Wednesday

Hey Everyone!  I see thousand's of these Pink Wednesday posts but I don't really ever do them because I sort of boycott pink.  I don't not like pink it's just that pink has come to mean something other than girly bubbly stuff to me.  That being said, today I am totally doing pink and showing my support to the hundreds of thousands of women battling breast cancer.  IT SUCKS!  IT'S AWFUL!!! IT'S TOTALLY NOT FAIR!!!!!  But unfortunately all of that doesn't keep it from coming sometimes.

Women and men who battle this horrendous cancer are the fiercest and bravest warriors I know.  I did this mani today thinking of them

I want you all to know even without your hair or your breasts you're still beautiful!

I admire your strength and your courage and I am awed by the will to survive you all have.

You are the most beautiful, most brave, strongest people I know!

Hugs to you all!

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