Monday, October 8, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do--Pointless Cafe!

Hi Everyone!  I'm finally back with a long over do Monkey See Monkey Do Monday post!  For this one I copied my fab friend Shiela over at The Pointless Cafe.  She did this AHmazing water marble the other day using pink holo, brown and white.  Pink and brown looks so freaking good together.  The minute I saw her post pics of this baby I wanted to copy it!  The only snafu I had with mine is OPI DS Divine does not want to spread in a marble lol!

For this marble I used a base of OPI Get In The Espresso Lane and then I marbled with white, DS Divine and clear.

Here's lefty

Doesn't the thumb look the coolest???!!!!!

Here's righty

I like it when my right hand looks as good as my left.  That's usually something that happens with water marbling lol!

I like this one but really it's not as great as Sheila's!  Make sure you check her's out here!

Let's see what my other MSMD gals have done!

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