Saturday, October 20, 2012

And now for another installment of . . .

Good, Bad, Better!  Hey Everyone!  I've got another good, bad, better mani today.  We've had some gorgeous Fall weather going on in Wisconsin and driving around just makes you appreciate where you live SO much.  To see the goldenrods and deep reds scattered with orange, green and even burgundy is just AHmazing.  I wanted to do some sort of Fall colors mani so I gradiented and really loved it!

This gradient is Sinful Colors Pull Over, a franken I made called Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Revlon Vixen.  I really love it.  Because I was stamping over it I didn't do a topcoat.  I wish I had!

I decided to stamp over it using an image from my DRK-A plate.  I did a mixture of China Glaze Cross Iron 360 and Kleancolor Metallic Red and I really did not like it!

I don't know why exactly but I feel almost as if this would have been better with a creme stamping instead of a metallic.  Only problem is I didn't really feel I had a creme that would be opaque enough.

I --decided to cover up the stamping with the gradient again which wasn't easy as the yellow was a bit sheer so my cuticles looked like caca.  And then I topped it with Sonoma Nail Art Deadly Zins and voila!

I just loved it a lot more!  

What do you think?  Which way do you like it best?  Should I have just left that gradient alone and wear it *gasp* plain?

Happy weekend!  Hope everyone enjoys some time off of work these next 2 days!


  1. That gradient? Stunning! It's not just good. :)

  2. I think the gradient was so beautiful, it was a shame to cover it with anything!!! :D

  3. WOW your gradient on its own looks soooooooo amazing!! You did such a great job!!! Wish mine blended that well!

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm actually feeling sad I didn't let this gradient shine on it's own AND I didn't take any pictures of my franken on it's own so I will be redoing this baby!

  5. the colours are AMAZING. I am a huge fan of gradients. I dont like the stamping either, maybe itd be cool to see what the glitter would look like if it was a glitter gradient on top of ur fall gradient.