Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Fashion---spikes, studs & stilettos!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day!  I've got a kick ass mani for you all today!  Awhile back I saw this on Facebook--at least I think it was facebook, it might have been Pinterest but either way it was some kind of social media.  I thought it was pretty funny so I just HAD to put this on mah fingahs!
I am really getting my money's worth with these spikes!
Here's the picture I saw to inspire the look I recreated today
I don't really believe in Karma but really loved this!
I used the gorgeous Zoya Chyna as my base--she sure is a beauty!
I'm having a lot of fun with my spikes and studs, can't wait to do more with them!
Here's the look all tied together
This might just be the best kick ass mani I'll ever do!

Let's see what my friends have come up with!


  1. Fierce fierce fierce! :D And I loved the picture about Karma... she is a woman! :D

  2. Fierce indeed! I'd be afraid that I'd poke myself in the eye...but I do need to get some of these square studs!

  3. The shoes and the mani are fabulicious! I need them both!

  4. Awesome mani AND shoes! And I love your fingers and nail shape. Is that weird to tell you that? LOL