Monday, August 19, 2013

People Who Live In Glass Houses

Tragedy Strikes!!!! Yesterday at 11:17 am while doing nothing more than removing my Elvis mani BAM!  A nail break!  And this right on the heels of me telling the fabulous Debbie from The Crumpet that my nails are longer and stronger than ever before with Rejuvacote!  Debbie had the misfortune, really horrible misfortune, of a break down to the quick.  While I sat there empathizing with her but at the same time talking up Rejuvacote I thought nothing of it as I removed my polish

Can we have a moment of silence for this fallen soldier???!
Yeee  Ikes!  How sad is this???
What do you think??? Could you live with one shorter than the rest???
Look at the back view
HUGE difference in length!!! GLURG!
To preserve his memory and mourn his loss his fellow soldiers shaved their length to honor their fallen comrade
Much better but look how short they are now!
How will we go on????
How do you like the dramatic black and white effect????!  Well look how stained they are!
This is the life of the nail polish addict.  I buffed them all the end of May and actually they were the same length but they looked MUCH brighter!
I just feel whenever they get buffed they break but look how long they lasted without a break????  2 1/2 months!  That's pretty good.  We'll see if I feel like buffing them or not.

And check out this cute little kiss of blue one of the flower glitters from Aloha From Hawaii left me!
see it up there in the top right??

I did console myself with a pretty cool gradient I'll post pics of tomorrow.  I just wanted to show you today that SH!T happens!  Lots of people I know think my nails are indestructible, and while I do tout the growth and strength properties Rejuvacote gives me, it's pretty clear my nails aren't bionic LOL!

Has this ever happened to you?  Do you stare in horror for a few minutes before filing them down?  Do you scramble to save a broken nail or do you just chop them down and start again??


  1. I always have to file mine down together. Also, I really like the new shorter length!

  2. I need to have my nails even 99% of the time, and more so when the broken nail is not the thumb or pinkie's... But I curse a lot when a nail breaks, it gets me so upset! And then yeah... I chop them all. What else can you do with a break like that?

  3. When I break, I chop and start again. They grow fast, so I'd rather put up with nubs for a few days than break out the nail file. *shudder* Sorry about your break!

  4. lol you are so funny. But hey, we shall survive together :) xx