Monday, August 31, 2015

Matchy! Matchy!!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday to all!  I'm not sure if I told you all that I got a new job and while it is fabulous and I mean it really is fabulous--I have an hour drive to and from and by the time I get home I'm sort of pooped and I'm not doing my nails daily anymore.  Sadface BUT I am trying to work on doing them 2 to 3 times a week so hopefully I feel like writing up a blog post to go with them too LOL!  I don't know if I told you this either but I am a pretty lazy individual.  Yep truth be told I am not a mover and a shaker.  I am more of a "oh thank god I'm home let me get my bra off and pajamas on and play some Farm Heroes Saga and read a hot cowboy book" kind of a gal.   And of course I try to fit in my manicure too LOL.

The other night I was doing a double stamped mani that really did not come out the way I intended it too.  I was bummed that it didn't really work so I went to bed and figured I would try to triple stamp with it the next day.  Well you all do know I like to match my mani's to my clothes so I went to grab a shirt in the same color family and off to work I went.  When I got there I had a few people remark how perfectly it matched my shirt!  SAY WHAT?! Do you mean to tell me my huge fail was someone a win?  Why yes, yes I do mean to tell you that LOL!

Here's a couple of quick pics I took of matching shirt and nails
That's a rather awkward hand pose LOL!

Here's a closeup shot

And now for the close up of the mani
It's hard to tell the design really because I put the dark grey over the mint color yet at the same time this does look pretty cool and matched my shirt perfectly
One thing I noticed though was that I had tip wear on the pointer finger!  What the french?  I hardly ever get tip wear even when I wear something for a few days!
I wish I could tell you I could be bothered to fix it before pictures but I really didn't notice it until after I took pics LOL!

So here's the thing though I did triple stamp over this baby tonight but you'll have to tune in tomorrow to see how it turned out!

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