Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Decades--The 80's!

Hi Everyone!  Well I think we had Spring and possibly Summer and we're moving back into Winter.  UG!  I put away all my sweaters but here I am this morning digging around trying to find something warm.  Yesterday I had to have my little space heater on at work AND put my feet in the heated massager I have.  What in the word is going on?  This is the middle of May and we still have the heat on!  And then I have dear friends in California who are being threatened daily with wildfires!  Opposite ends of the spectrum.  And now that I think about it, I really shouldn't complain about some cold weather when peoples homes are being burned :(

Okay enough of that, time to move on to today's decade.  I chose the 80's because who doesn't want to choose the 80's with all the fun neon we had??? 

The 80's decade started off the technology we have today.  It was a decade of great social and economic change. Ronald Reagan became our President in 1980 and worked hard to spread the end of communism.  We addressed drug abuse in the 80's and had many campaigns for the war against drugs with the Just Say No Campaign.  Hair bands!!!  We had glorious, glorious hair bands through the 80's.  My faves were Def Leppard and Winger.  I think for sure the one thing we had in the 80's that no one who lived in the decade will ever forget is the overabundance of neon!

That being said here is my mani for today's 80's theme!
I really only got one good pic of this mani as I did it at night and it's neon LOL! If you don't have sun you have to use shade which is a bummer
I tried to brighten it up with a white paper towel--lame!
I just did a basic neon gradient with pink, orange and yellow and then did some stamping with CiCi & SiSi  

It's pretty fun!  I bet it will be distracting at work today!

Let's pop over and check out what everyone has put together for Decades!


  1. eek, I love it! The black on neon is SO eye-catching. The little guy on your middle finger looks like the guy you play in the old Apple II game Number Munchers, which came out in the 80's, so it's perfect! :D

  2. these are perfect and i love the silly guy on the middle finger :)

  3. Loving the bright neon nails!

  4. Those neons are lovely! Fab design! :)

  5. Totally in love with that neon background! It's like a sunset!

  6. These are so bright! I love them! Now I have Pour Some Sugar on Me! Thanks! :)

  7. Love this...your gradient is flawless!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS. That gradient is AMAZING and beautiful! And your stamping is so well done, too! Fab!

  9. totally totalyl love this - it's so obnoxiously bright xx