Saturday, May 10, 2014

Out of the Shadowlands into the sun

Hi Everyone!  Happy weekend!  Sorry I went MIA there for a bit.  I have no excuse really other than I just wasn't "feeling" it.  I hate times like that!  Man it's so hard to pull yourself up sometimes.  I have a couple of dear friends going through really rough times.  I have a very good friend who lost one of her pets and another one going to lose one of hers.  Yet the sun is shining today.  Just a sign for all of us to see and realize another day will come.  

Spring has finally sprung here too!  Green buds on the trees, days where the windows are open and fresh air filters in.  The cats and chins are totally loving it.  I like to see the earth like this it makes me happy!

I had to open my franken drawer the other day and though why the heck did I make all these polishes if I'm not wearing them?  So I hauled out a few I haven't worn and decided to do something about it.  
Looking at this now I'm thinking wow I should have waited with this mani and used it for the release of Godzilla! LOL!
I've named all my frankens after some of my favorite books and the Masters of Shadowlands series by Cerise Sinclair are some of my all time favorites.
I stamped using FUN 7
I love this spotted look design it can be used in so many ways!

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned, whether it's relaxing by staying in or going out and having some fun!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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