Saturday, May 17, 2014

I "Lily" love this!

Hi Everyone!! Happy weekend! Woot! Yay! Finally Here!  I don't know about anyone else but I was up at 5:19 this morning thinking of some nail ideas and cleaning my room.  I did LOTS of cleaning this morning.  Got all my sweaters totally packed up--left out 2 as it's still in the 40's here occasionally--set stuff aside for the Women's Resource Center and tossed some stuff I've been holding onto forever away.  I cleaned the chinchilla cages then decided to take a break before tackling the living room and a few million bottles of polish that need to be put away into melmer drawers.

Does anyone else do this?  I keep saying I'm going to put stuff away the minute I use it but nope I do not do it!  Instead it piles up on the table next to the couch or finds it way into a bag on the floor.  Finally after looking at a million bottles I scream ENOUGH and then put a million away.  HELLO!  If I just put them away each time after freaking using them I would only be putting away 2 or 3 and not a million!  UG!

I did this mani and didn't have time to post it before the start of Digit-al Dozen Decades week so I thought I'd share it with you today.  My friend MJ told me I HAD to get this polish by Emily de Molly and thank goodness she did!  It's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and MOAR gorgeous!
This is the WAY lovely Maddy's Magenta 
If you've been wanting a dupe of OPI DS Exclusive according to MJ this is it!  She should know she own's like 5 bottles of Exclusive she loves it so much!
I think it's stunning and the color is really lovely so looks good even in the shade

 I stamped using one of my new LilyAnna plates LilyAnna 03
A whole lot of lovely going on here!
What I like about this color is despite being a darker color with the holo in there it's all about the summer too!
I'm really glad I picked this baby up--I give MJ a hard time all the time about only wearing holos but today I'll cut her some slack!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I do that too! Then when I do pack my stuff away, it looks so nice and neat, but a day later it's a mess again! I love these nails by the way :)