Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ooooh I need sunglasses!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Weekend!! Today I did the annual Movin' For Mental Health 4k walk to help benefit The Racine Friendship Clubhouse.   It's a wonderful organization helping though individuals who struggle daily with mental health diagnoses.

The weather was great!  Nice and sunny and not too hot so I felt I need to haul out the neons!  I did a really love gradient which is one I've done before but always looks stunning.
I took some pics in the car before getting out because the sun was hitting me just right!
I mean how gorgeous is this??!!!
Just 3 neons over white gave me a rainbow effect!
The 3 colors I used were Nina Ultra Pro Blue Blaze and Solar Flare and then I also used one of my fave neons ever, China Glaze Purple Panic.  

I REALLY wanted to stamp over this but my niece Alex told me not too, so today I'm leaving it as is.  Tune in tomorrow to see if I stamp on it or not!