Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When is fake better than the real thing?

Hi Everyone!  I have a fake mani on today! And by fake or faux I mean it's close to the real thing but is it the cigar?  You might know I have several chinchillas as pets.  And by several I mean 10! Yes 10 chinchillas as pets.  No I don't believe in wearing the fur of an animal, no I don't appreciate it when someone asks me how many chinchillas make a coat.  There are times when fake is much better than the real thing--pleather instead of leather and fake fur all the way!

Even though I have a lovely bottle of Clarins 230 I also have Max Factor Fantasy Fire AND BeYu 209.  I also have a bottle of Cult Nails Clairvoyant aka Unicorn Puke why?  Well for the first two because I wanted them lol and the second one because honestly I am not putting something named Unicorn Puke on my nails.  Clairvoyant is the same exact thing, it's lovely and no puke anywhere near my nails! YAY!

I decided to play around with some colors I haven't worn yet so I hauled out my Zoya Savita, my Max Factor Fantasy Fire and my Cult Nails Clairvoyant.  I've worn Clairvoyant before but not the other two.  I'm into matte nails lately so I did a lovely mani with stamping and mattified it all!

First up here is Savita, Fantasy Fire and Clairvoyant as is

Here's a shot of it in the shade, it's blurry but you can really see the color flakies in Clairvoyant

I love this polish and love it even more it doesn't have puke in it's name!

Then I went at mattified it--really love this look!

Then I went and stamped on it using my good old mermaid tail stamp BM209!

I didn't matte the stamping but just left it as is--what do you think--should I have just left it without stamping over it?  And how gorgeous is that Fantasy Fire matted?  OMG it's pretty delicious!

Thanks for stopping!! I hope you all have a fabulous day!


  1. I agree with you- Faux is always better than a dead animal!

    1. I do sometimes tease the chinchillas if they are naughty that I'm going to turn them into ear muffs but we both know I'd never do it lol!

  2. I liked it better without the stamp. But, thats my style. Lucky duck for having all those pretties!

    1. Dema I honestly liked it better before the stamp too!

  3. So lovely! I love the stamping, but I'm glad I got to see it without too :]