Monday, November 19, 2012

Messing around with magnetics!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I got to spend some time with my cousins on Saturday and on Sunday I made a kick butt sweet and spicy chili and some of my famous cornbread!  Okay my cornbread isn't that famous but it should be because it's darn good lol!!  I've been looking at my stash lately rather disgusted with myself that I have so many untrieds!  Here I am wanting more and more polish and I haven't even worn 3/4 of the stuff I do have!  Therefore I've decided to get those untrieds out and start using them!

I was quite enamored of the Nabi magnetics awhile back and got quite a few of them.  I haven't worn them though!  So today I yanked one out--I thought it was black but turns out this is a deep green.
I decided to try my hand at stamping over it with Kleancolor Jazz Olive and my DRK-A plate--I'm loving this DRK-A design lol!
Kind of funky!

I wonder if this would have turned out more dramatic with a flat metallic for the stamping?  I  might try this again and see how it looks.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great day!

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