Sunday, November 4, 2012

How can a loser ever win??!

Hi Everyone!  Later today I'll be doing my favorite thing to do on a Sunday--watch some Packer football!!!  My whole family loves the Packers BUT I was a bit late in the game.  For years my sister's along with their husbands and my parents loved to watch the Packers but I was just sort of along for the ride.  I was a tennis fan--I mean come on, Andre Agassi--how are you not a tennis fan with that hottie in shorts???!  One thing I loved a bit more than Andre Agassi back then though, was teasing my sister Lisa.  There was a year when the great Edgar Bennett was injured and number 25 Dorsey Levens had to step up to the plate to help out.  Dorsey had a FANTASTIC year but Lisa would always say "don't give the ball to Levens!" just because she was so loyal to Edgar.  Well we started to tease her about it because yes you did want Favre to give Levens the ball because he was a work horse Running Back who got the job done.  

I had "sort of" started to actually pay attention to what was happening at this point but then "it" happened.  I saw Dorsey standing on the sidelines with his helmet off and that's all she wrote.  OMG he was so freaking handsome I couldn't stand it!  From then on until now I do not miss a Packer game AND I was able to meet Dorsey and get his autograph.

Well last year I decided to branch out my love of football and I joined a Fantasy Football League with a few of my nail polish girl friends AND IT WAS A BLAST!  The name of my team is Packyer Bags and I went to the Super Bowl last year!  Yes my first year of playing and I made it to the Super Bowl.  I lost BUT in the end I won a trio of Deborah Lippmann's with the one I had been lemming for the longest Razzle Dazzle!!!! Can you even believe it??!!! You lose the Super Bowl but you win 3 Deborah Lippmann polishes one of them being a huge lemming??!!! Why can't real life be like this??? OH WAIT! IT WAS! LOLOLOLOL!

So all that long windedness being said today's Adventures In Stamping challenge is to stamp over a glitter base so I finally after owning it for nearly a year hauled out Razzle Dazzle and OMG why did I wait so freaking long???

Look at how gorgeous this is!!!

For someone who hates the taste of raspberries I sure am a sucker for all polishes in the raspberry family!!!

Here it is in the low light of the bathroom--this polish is gorgeous even in shade!

I stamped over it because I "had" to for the challenge LOL!

And for the stamping I used  China Glaze Emotion and Konad M63

I think this turned out quite lovely but honestly I loved Razzle Dazzle so much I hated to stamp over it!

So how about it are any of you huge football fans???!!!  Will you be watching any games today?


  1. This is beautiful! I love raspberry colored polishes too and this one is fantastic!

  2. Maybe I should introduce nail polish into the fantasy league I'm in, lol! My best friend and her husband started one, so my husband and I joined to be nice. We're not sports people AT ALL. That was last year and now my husband is a football freak! I'll see him watching the game and I'm like, "WHO ARE YOU?!" haha! I'm not really into it, but I'm way more into it this year than I was last year. In due time...