Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dreamy Delicious matte!

Hi Everyone!! ooooh I've been super busy and from what I'm told at work it's not going to get any better!  Thankfully it's only going to last about a month. I'm trying to think of mani's I can wear that might last a few days OR something quick and easy.

I've really been into mattes lately.  I don't know what it is either because when they whole matte look first came out I thought--ug, how ugly.  Now all of a sudden I am loving mattes!  I prefer my suedes over any matte because of their shimmer, BUT our challenge in AIS a couple weeks ago was something matte and my friend Malinka did a matte over a duo chrome and I loved it!

I got a lovely bottle of Catrice Genius In A Bottle from my wonderful friend Biance AGES ago so I decided to matte it and see what would happen

Gloriousness that's what happened!!!!

This is a shot in the shade-- I tried to capture the duochrome but it was rather difficult

This is a shot of it in the light and OMG so lovely!

Yes I am in love with duochromes matted!  The pigment in duochrome polishes is full of shimmer and it's just so gorgeous matted.

Of course I couldn't stop there!

I stamped over it with my DRK-A plate!

I really love how this looks.  These last two shots are in the shade.

But here it is in the light

Wow I just love how this looks!!!  

I'm definitely going to try these colors together again with a different image too

How do you feel about matte?? Are you loving it, hating it--not really thinking about it one way or another?

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!


  1. The stamping is really cute!! Love the color combo!

  2. OMG I hate that polish but it looks AMAZING matted! Going to do that with it, thank you for this!

  3. I clicked Catrice and knew it was going to be Genius! You either love it or hate it. I love it! It's my go to guy for black saran wrap and sponging.