Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sushi Anyone?

Hi Readers! Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest?  I love that thing!  I'm constantly pinning all the way cool mani's I see and the scrumptious looking dinners and desserts I see. And of course I have the token hot guys board as well lol!  Anyway awhile ago I saw they cutest little fish mani here and I got a great idea to change it up a bit!  I know I said I don't "do" cute but check this out readers!
 Anyone who knows me knows my favorite image is the "skelly" fish on BM04!! OMG I love that image!  When I saw the Nail Trail's cute fish mani I just HAD to  embellish it a bit lol!  Now here's a true story readers I showed this pic to a few of my nail friends and they all went "Chococat"!!!  I honestly had no idea who Chococat was!  Apparently he's friends with Hello Kitty lol!  In any case he looks WAY too sweet an innocent doesn't he??? Hmmmm I wonder where those skelly fish came from then?  This was a really fun mani for me to do!
My own "chococat" didn't seem too interested in this mani though
Baxter was too busy snoozing lol!

I think I did a pretty good job on this "cute" mani.  I might have the hang of this sort of thing after all!

OOOOOH and this just in Readers--I finally got on board with a Facebook page!  I'm happy to chat with anyone there and you can find pics of my mani's, my jewelry and hopefully soon my frankens.  I'll probably have some pics of the chinchillas too lol!  Here's where you can find me or just search for Dressed Up Digits!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

PS Readers!  I had this all scheduled to post and I died laughing today when I saw Kristin's post on The Manicured Monkey!  Kristin used the same mani I found on Pinterest for her Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday!  Please check out Kristin's post here!  And guess what readers???!  A couple of the ladies in the stamping group liked my Monkey See Monkey Do weeks so much they decided to do Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday and I'll be joining them so look for them to start this coming Monday!


  1. I'm sorry your cat wasn't interested, but I am!

    1. Hahahah it you note this is his pose for mani of my mani's lol!!!!

  2. This is so cute and I love the cat! The real one and the nail!

  3. OMG how cute are these?! Love them!

  4. OMG how cute are these?! Love them!

  5. Ahhh I just discovered your post! I'm Hannah from The Nail Trail. Thanks so much for the shout out and these look amazing!!! :) big fan of your blog so this means a lot to me! <3