Friday, April 13, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do Week Sequel--Adventures In Acetone!

Hi Readers!  Today I'm featuring one of the sweetest gals I know!  Jacki from Adventures In Acetone is a real sweetie.  She is fantastic at nail art and the queen bee of "cutesy"  I really wanted to do one of Jacki's mani's and then I started panicking because really I can't do one of hers lol!  THANKFULLY she also stamps!  The other day she featured a gorgeous mani her hubby Wesley picked out for her to do you can see it here.  That's something that Jacki and I have in common!  We both have a Wesley in our lives!  I really loved the look of her mani so I was so excited to recreate it!
Just like Jacki I started with 2 coats of Zoya Mimi but I didn't have Orly Sweet Peacock so I sponged OPI Swimsuit Nailed It instead and then stamped with Sally Hansen Chrome Pen is silver.  I love this mani!  Here's a nice close up!
And of course I took a shot like this
After looking at this mani for about 30 minutes I got a great idea!
I decided to make a ring
Then after starting at my matching ring and  mani I decided to make a bracelet
Here I am "modeling" all three!
Man did these turn out great!

Here is the side by side comparison shot
Hahahaha! This is Jacki's hubby Wesley and my chinchilla Wesley! I told you we had something in common lol!  Now tell the truth readers which Wesley is the cutest?????!!!

Here's the real comparison pics lol! Jacki is up first
I foolishly didn't get a shot like this (probably because I was too busy staring at my matching jewelry with it) so I turned a pic sideways lol!

All in all this was a fantastic mani and it could be the highlight of the sequel week--the matching jewelry really frosts the cake though!

What do you think about the jewelry to match the mani readers--too much or too cool?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. HAHAH! I totally LOVE it Laurie!! Thanks so much for having me on your "monkey see, monkey do" week! I have to say, your Wesley is adorbs, but I'm a bit partial to mine ;)

    You rocked the nails as well as the jewelry!! I just love it!! <3 oxoxoxox

    1. Both Wesley's are cuties for sure! I'm so grateful to you for giving the wonderful mani to do and make the jewelry with!

  2. I can't tell those Wesleys apart!!!

  3. It looks great! I love the Wesley comparison!

  4. This looks awesome! You did such a good job!!
    That nail polish jewelry is also completely fantastic :D

    1. Thanks Steph, the jewelry is actually really easy to do!

  5. Aww Wesley the chin is so cute! And I love your jewelry-inspired mani! Looks awesome! :D

    ~ Yun