Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge--Happy Queensday!

Hi Readers!  Today the challenge in the Adventures In Stamping Group was Queensday mani.  I personally think it's great to see some non American holidays celebrated BUT don't Google Queensday if you're looking for mani ideas Readers!  The Netherlands flag is red, white and blue but holy cow I saw a ton of orange!  I was almost going to do an orange, white and blue mani until my dear sweet friend Claudia set me straight!  It's a bit challenging to come up with a design for a holiday you haven't even celebrated before but this is what I came up with
I went with a nail of a pretty corally orange to toss in the orange they seem fond of wearing lol.  Because it's Dutch I had to have some tulips in there.  My sister Lisa's favorite flower was white tulips--she loved those so much.  And then some crowns to get the royalty factor into play.  Sad news but my Gold Sally Hansen Chrome Pen gave up the ghost with this mani so it's not as vibrant as I hoped.
I did a lovely gradient with some blues and greens and then stamped over them.  I think it's pretty cute and I definitely want to try this gradient again.

Now here are some fun facts about Queensday!

Koninginnedag is celebrated on April 30th and it commemorates the birthday of the country's former Queen.   Not sure why they celebrate the former queen instead of the current one but it's their holiday lol!

It is the most celebrated holiday in The Netherlands and is similar too and might rival are own Mardi Gras

The reason for orange being worn is . . . it's the color of the royal family! The lineage of the current dynasty, The house of Oranje-Nassau can be dated back  to William van Oranje or William The Orange!  

So even though The Netherlands flag is red, white and blue--orange is worn by many Dutch as a symbol of Dutch pride

Happy Queensday Readers!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!!


  1. I'm part Dutch so I LOVE that this group picked Queensday as the theme and I LOVE the flag and tulips!

  2. I sooo love this mani :) Do you want to know why we celebrate it on the date of our formar queen? I always heard.....that when our current queen became queen she said as long as my mother is still alive we keep on celebrating it on her B-day. Now she isn't alive anymore but they decided to keep that date, because our current queens b-day is at the end of janauary and then it is too cold, bad weather for all the street festivities music flea markets ;)