Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge--Inspired by Music

Hi Readers!  The Sunday Stamping Challenge in Adventures In Stamping on Facebook is Inspired by Music.  It was decided you could do a song, several songs, music etc.  Well anyone who knows me knows I love all kinds of music but my heart is held by only one
The King
Yes it's true Readers I am an Elvis fan and have been for 42 years.  I fell in love with him at the tender age of 7 and since then there's been no looking back!  Here's the mani I cam up with for the challenge.  There are 4 Elvis songs in here do you know them all?
Here's a nice collage I put together of the mani
In case you don't know thumb is Jailhouse Rock, index is Blue Hawaii, swear is Can't Help Falling In Love, and pinkie is Viva Las Vegas.

I have a BUNCH of Elvis stuff too readers--tins, lunchbox, plates, figurines, snow globes, clocks, cell phone cover, music box, ornaments and coffee mugs lol!  Here I am with what I could hold and you can still see the mani lol!
Left to right my little travel clock, top right one of my HUGE Elvis coffee mugs, bottom right one of my snow globes.

When I was a young girl growing up not many of my friends like Elvis.  My own parents weren't huge fans.  I first saw him in the movie Girl Happy singing to Shelley Fabares as she lounged in a pool chair lol.  That was pretty much it for me I loved him at the moment and from then on.  I only knew one other person besides me in grade school who liked him and that was Tad Muth.  In the 6th grade he wore his hair long and his mom made him a shirt with the  high collar it was SO cool!  Through the years I would run into former classmates and they would always ask me "Do you still like Elvis"  um hello you don't stop liking Elvis people!  LOL!

Some facts about me and Elvis
My favorite Elvis Movie is Live A Little Love A Little
Elvis played a photographer named Greg Nolan in it.  His love interest was played by Michele Carey and she had several names and "personalities" throughout the whole move!  She also had a huge great dane dog!
Here's a pic of the three of them together lol!
My favorite Elvis song is Edge Of Reality AND it's from the movie Live A Little Love A Little lol!

I was supposed to see Elvis in concert in 1977 in Milwaukee one of his last concerts.  A family friend, Tom, wanted to take me--I was fourteen at the time and my mom said, "Tom take your girlfriend, Laurie has PLENTY OF TIME TO SEE HIM" as you can tell still a sore subject with me--thanks alot mom!

My father went to William Horlick High School with Barbara McNair who starred with Elvis in the movie A Change Of Habit!

I went to school in the 5th and 6th grade with a girl who's father was in the Army with Elvis!  She told me her dad she he was really nice and very genuine. I love a man in uniform don't you readers?
For my 40th birthday my sisters and friends chipped in to get me an Elvis tattoo!  I didn't want the tattoo artist to touch my foot because I hate people touching my feet and he said he needed to hold it for when I flinched.  I promised him I wouldn't.  I didn't--not once.  My sisters were shocked lol!  Here's a shot of my tattoo on my ankle--sorry it's not the greatest but A it's still cold here so no sun for me and B it's hard to lean over and take a shot of your own ankle lol!
To me he was just the package deal, he could sing, he could dance, he could act and he was a consummate performer
AND if that wasn't enough did you know he was a cowboy????!!!!
I'm pretty sure you can tell how much I love Elvis--always have--always will.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Nice post! Even if I only vaguely like Elvis!

  2. Nice stamp of the King. I love watching Elvis in old movies too. ;)

  3. love it, love elvis, love reading your blog!! :) :) :) now i want an elvis stamping plate, and i want to cuddle on the couch and watch old elvis movies. :)

    1. I used a water decal I got on ebay for Elvis! So far I haven't found any plate images of him I like lol. I would love a good Elvis marathon it's so hard to find any of his movies on tv anymore!

  4. Fantastic mani! I absolutely love it. :)

  5. Aaaaahhh!! I love this! LOVE this!!! Elvis!! <3

  6. What a fun and funky mani! Fantastic. :)

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  8. Love the nails and I really appreciate all the Elvis knowledge!

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