Monday, June 8, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Fandom--Elvis----of course!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  Welcome to this week's Digit-al Dozen!  This week is fandom.  Fandom?! What the french is that even a word?? Is that even a thing?  I mean fandom--come on how geeky is that?!

Well it actually IS a thing and even though sometimes it's geeky it doesn't always have to be geeky!

My first thought for fandom week was "what the hell?!   I'm not a Harry Potter person or a Twlight person.  I've never seen Supernatural.  I don't care for the Avengers at all or Thor for that matter so yes that goes double for Loki.  And don't even get me started on the Sherlock stuff for piss sake"  Then I sort of panicked because omg I am not any of those things so what's left?????  What sort of fandom is left for me?

Then I said to myself "Are you freaking kidding me?! You are older than any of those baby fandom things you just named AND you have been a fan of this guy longer than most fandoms in the above mentioned group have been alive! SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Whewwwwwww I got this!

My fandom week starts off with Elvis, The King Of Rock-n-Roll.  I've loved him for 45 years and the flame is not waning.  I can listen to him non stop 24-7 and never tired of his voice.  I could watch movie after movie after movie and never tire of seeing his handsome face.  And I'm pretty sure how I feel about Elvis is how the Supernatural, Avenger's, Twilight, Harry Potter and Sherlock fans all feel about their respective shows/characters so I need to chill LOL!

My mani today is ode to Elvis and his gold lame' suit!  Elvis--forever in my heart
 This suit was going on back in the day!  Here's my mani to match
Look at all that holoey goodness!
Needs a little bit more though don't you think?
Ahhhh there he is the King himself!

You know these poor foils aren't going to last long--I still haven't found anything other than a UV/LED gel topcoat that doesn't ruin the holo effect in foils
Here's how the mani measures up to his pic--what do you think?
You can tell me but "Don't Be Cruel" ahahahah I crack myself up!

So this could be a really exciting week!  Let's check out what everyone else did for their first day of Fandom


  1. You definitely HAD to do an Elvis mani! And this one is awesome! That gold foil definitely screams "the King" to me :-)

  2. I have never seen foils like this! So amazing.

  3. Your nails definitely match Elvis' suit. Wow where did you find that awesome holo foil?

  4. Thiese nails make me want to Shake, Rattle and Roll!

  5. Of course you would do Elvis! And you do Elvis so well! Does this mean that Jason Momoa will make an appearance?? :)

  6. Oh my goodness this looks fantastic!

  7. The mani is brilliant but not a patch on the real suit!

  8. These are wicked!! I knew you'd work Elvis in there somewhere!

  9. Haha you wouldn't be Laurie without an Elvis mani for Fandom Week! Love these!