Monday, June 22, 2015

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--Chalkboard Nails!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!  A super long time ago I saw this cool mani done by Sarah over at Chalkboard Nails.  Sarah has mad skills and most of the time I can't come close to doing something by her BUT then I got "the grass plate"  The grass plate is one of those funky kind of plates you find on Aliexpress and need it but you aren't sure when you'll ever  use it.  I got it AGES ago in a group buy through a FB group and I finally hauled it out so I could do a scenery manicure.  Then I remembered Sarah's lovely fireflies at sunset and BAM a star was born!
I did a gradient with Elevation Grand Sunset Teton and Nails Inc Brompton Place and Brook Street.  I have no idea if you can even find the infamous grass plate on AE anymore but it is CZ08 if you feel compelled to look
I'm a little sad my fireflies didn't photograph better  I decided not to use a bright yellow and I think that might have been my downfall
Here's my thumb getting in on the action too
You can find Sarah's original post HERE But I was smart enough to do a nice side by side comparison
I was so excited to be able recreate this beautiful mani from Chalkboard Nails AND use my grass plate finally!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Beautiful job Laurie! You really nailed it! ;)

  2. You did a great job! Beautiful manicure :)

  3. I love the original and your take on it!

  4. I remember when Sarah did these nails! Your version looks great too :)