Monday, August 11, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Summer--Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--Adventures In Acetone!

Hi Everyone!!

OMG I am SO excited about today's post.  First of all I have the day off today.  Despite having the day off I still got up at 5:30 am! UG!  I laid in bed and read for a little bit and then I decided it was now or never to try one of the fabulous Jacki from Adventures In Acetone's mani's.  I rarely copy Jacki because she is just so talented.  I've known her forever!  Since my first days of loving nail art and stamping and she's always SO encouraging.  So I decided what better day to try than today.

This week for the Digit-al Dozen our theme is summer.  What better thing to do in the summer is take a nice visit to our Racine Zoo down by the lake?  That's exactly what we did on Saturday!  Grandma Great, Tee Tee Nel & Uncle Chris and AJ , and Tee Tee Laurie all took Sean down to see the zoo for his first time and we had a blast.  

Here are my zoo nails that I copied from the fabulous Jacki over at Adventures In Acetone!!!  

I seriously cannot believe I was able to do it!
It's quite adorable!

Here's thumbie he got Mr Elephant
I'm really not a good free hand person so this is quite monumental for me!  We are going back to the zoo the end of August to see the baby tigers and lions so I might just have to put this on again so Sean can see it!

Here's a cute pic of Grandma Great, Sean and Tee Tee Nel in the train taking a little ride around the zoo!
I can't wait for Jacki to see this but first I need to get over and check out what my fab friends have come up with this week for The Digit-al Dozen Does Summer!


  1. You executed these perfectly! I am in love with them!

  2. These are GREAT! You did a phenomenal job :) And I recognized Jacki's designs right away!

  3. Wow, I love these a lot! Really cute and neat! Great job, Laurie :D

  4. you've done this PERFECTLY- great job xx

  5. These are so adorable! Now I am singing: "daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow".

  6. These are fabulous! So adorable and you did great!

  7. You really NAILED these! Great job!

  8. I LOVE YOU AND THESE NAILS!!! Thank you so much for recreating my nail art, it's definitely the biggest compliment!! xoxoxoxoxo

  9. These are crazy adorable!! I love all their little faces - the panda may be my favorite :)