Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Orange you glad it's Wednesday?!! Extend a mani!!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy hump day!  I loved my orange gradient SO much I just couldn't part with it so I did a beautiful extend a mani!  Not really a oh hey let's wear a lot of these gorgeous oranges you have but it is what it is LOL!  I really do love my orange gradient so much I just could bear to get rid of it so soon and you all know that's pretty rare for me.  I decided to stamp over it and add some free hand roses to it.  YES I did free hand!

I stamped using one of my favorite images ever from DRK B and then I just did the needle swirl method with an orange and red for my roses
I'm not thrilled with my leaves but I don't free hand much so this is pretty good for someone who would rather stamp LOL!
Man this is a lovely gradient still!!!

The theme this week in my advanced nail stamping group is straight lines--stamping straight line is sometimes not easy at all ESPECIALLY if you have very curved nails like I do.  I'm going to attempt something tonight using orange, black and silver--so Halloween colors but not in a Halloween design.  I hope it turns out as I'm visioning it in my head.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Gorgeous! I need to try that needle method sometime!

  2. i really loved this - especially the roses xx