Thursday, March 20, 2014

Third time's the charm!

Hi Everyone!  Last night I hauled out my foils for the first time in a long time.  I was prompted to do so after a trip to the grocery store.  All the snow has been melting around here so now we have a lot of puddles.  Naturally, since I didn't have boots on, I parked in a huge puddle when I got there.  As I gingerly stepped out of the car I noticed an oil slick dancing around on top of the water and I said to myself, "hey!!! I have some foils that look just like that"

I don't know how so many people get foils on so flawlessly.  I never do.  I always get bald patchy spots on mine.  And yes I have enough glue on my nail and yes I wait long enough for it to dry.  No matter what I do I just can't get them to go on super smooth.  I didn't get the best pics of it but here's just the foils after I got them on
Yes it looks like oil floating on water but yes it also looks like a hot mess!  So I topcoated it with my gel and UV light and then stamped on it to see if that would help it
It's better but not great.  I do love this image from my new Lily Anna 06 plate though!

I pretty much called a night at this point and sat down on the couch.  I spied my trusty bottle of Hard Candy Matte Top Coat and thought it can't hurt to matte it, right????
ZOOMG this is not amazeballs!  It's SO much better and you can even see the foil colors and designs much better this way!
It's so 70's and retro looking!
Looks great on my keyboard!  Hopefully I'll still get some work done today and not just be staring at my nails!
What do you think?  Do you think matte saved the day?  Do you use foils?  Are you successful with them or do they make you want to scream sometimes?

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy First Day of Spring to you all!


  1. Whoah!!!! the matte top coat totally saved the day and so much more. Its like the ugly duckling transforming into the beautiful swan (not that it was ugly to begin with lol) I'm loving your mani hard core. lol

  2. OMFG, these are amazing... I'm a huge fan of matte... But Never thought to Matte the foils... I LOVE this.... VERY Unique.. I Will definitely be trying this. . Thanks for posting this..

  3. It's like a completely different mani three times over! I love the final look :) and I love that you just persevered until it was what you wanted! Doesn't always work, but definitely worth it this time :D

  4. I have never managed either, but now I'm motivated not to give up :) AMAZING!

  5. MASSIVE MANI SAVE! Awesome Possum. Love that Matte.

  6. ooooh girl! I love foils but have never thought to matte-ify them. What a save! I love it!