Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If at first you don't succeed

Hi Everyone!  A couple of weeks ago I found a celtic knot drawing I really wanted to recreate.  The first time  I attempted it I was solely going by memory and I'll tell you what--my memory of it absolutely sucked!  So then I tried it again and felt pretty good about it until I compared it to the drawing and once again I just hadn't nailed it so I decided to give it one more go and finally SUCCESS!  At least success as close as I can get it.

Here's my first attempt
 Not sure what's up with Blogger but when I look at this pic it's coloring is horrible!

But that's not all, this is my inspiration so you can see how truly off I was!
Yikes doing things from memory really sucks!

This was my second attempt.  I felt pretty good about it at first
But then I looked at my inspiration and realized the green is wrong and that I needed a more mint green.

So this is what I ended up with
Finally!  Now I feel really good about it!
This must look complex but really it's just some rainbow colored stamping over black.  I used my DRK-B plate for the stamping.  I'm glad I kept trying to get what I really wanted

Supposed to snow ALL DAY here today--OIY!  I'm thinking of breaking up with Winter--how about you???

Thanks for stopping by!!! Hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. You nailed it! Looks awesome!

  2. WOWSA! I heart these! Both of them! Great job, yo!

  3. hey sweetie! It looks like you might be experiencing the same problem I and many other bloggers did! Apparently Blogger has started "helpfully" auto-enhancing (read: ruining) uploaded pics. I found the solution here: you have to turn off the setting on G+. I don't use G+, but I did make sure there was a profile linked to the blog just so I can control this. Good luck and let's keep our pics as accurate as possible! I wish they'd change the default on this feature to "no"...