Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does It Again--Bling

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day!!!  Today is "bling" day and what better day then the dead middle of the work week to bring on some bling???!!!  When I first got into stamping I bought a TON of glitter polish but then found I didn't really like!  You can't stamp with it, sometimes it's hard to stamp over so honestly I have an entire drawer full of glitters I never even use!  Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos is one of them!  Well I used that baby today along with China Glaze Glistening Snow (thanks Danielle!!)
Are you getting sleepy????!!!!
Look into my eyes!!! LOL!  This is one of the funnest mani's ever!!

I stamped with PUEEN37 from the Love Elements set
This is definitely one of those times that stamping over a glitter works!

Wonder how blinged out everyone else is getting!!

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  1. This looks so great! It's so sparkly and the stamp image is awesome :)

  2. Love this look! Really would like if you could put up a widget for subscribe via email - I cannot get Bloglovin to work on all devices/platforms and they don't seem to always have their links working off the dashboard - last month I was in a set of servers they knew they had probs with for more than 2 weeks and they did not get it fixed for all that time. I am trying to get everything off Bloglovin that I follow...and email works best as said, its something that works cross platform and on any device.

  3. Ahh, the two fingers in the middle really made my eyes dizzy! In a good way too :)

  4. Wow! Love this! Glistening Snow is just amazing!

  5. Hypnotic!
    I really like patterns and colors you choose... thumb absolutely up!

  6. Ermagerdddd! SO SPARKLES! This is super pretty!!

  7. i rarely stamp on glitter, but this is the sort of mani that reminds me I really must xx

  8. This is the perfect stamped glitter design! Brilliant! :)

  9. wow,great work!!

    :* :* Roxie T