Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28 Inspired By Your Favorite Color!

Hi Everyone!  Holy cow I am in the hot seat with Day 28!  It's almost 6:30pm when I'm posting this for the 31 Day Crumpet Nail Tart's Challenge!  GLURG!  In my defense I have a sick mom--we had to take her to the ER on Saturday and then my little sister and I stayed with her on Sunday.  I had evening duty so that meant no nails getting done!  Mom was feeling better this morning after a couple doses of antibiotics so she sent me on my way.  I beehived it home after work tonight and went right to work on a mani to make it in!

So first of all let me just tell you my favorite color is yellow. YELLOW!?!  Omg it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a good yellow nail polish that looks good and looks good on.  I had to get really creative with this theme and I stole an idea from something I did this summer!
I decided to do this HOT gradient because I noticed this cute hot pepper image on the DRK-C plate.  I really love the DRK plates and I'm so glad Ninja Polish stocks them!!  They are easy to buy AND they ship fast!
My pinkie is the pepper from BM06

I used La Femme neon yellow, China Glaze Orange Knockout and Salsa for the gradient.

Here's a pic of it in the shade--pretty dark here at 6:30 pm so it's not the best pic but it is more color true I think

WHEW! I made it just in the nick of time!  Let's see what's up for tomorrow
Inspired by a blogger!!!! Endless possibilities with this one!

Let's take a look at the Tart's to see what their favorite color is!


  1. Wow I freakin' love this! It's so summery and bright and beautiful! It just makes me think of holidays, and summer sunsets. Fab!

    1. I really think the peppers design is cute AND I'm a baby when it comes to hot peppers so this is as close as I'll get to them lol!

  2. Hehe! What a HOT Manicure!
    ((Sorry couldn't resist.)) I love how the colors match the theme of the colors.

  3. Bright color are so pretty >.<
    I think you made it looks pretty :D
    and I love the gradation ^^

  4. Love this! I'm glad your mom was feeling well enough to send you home early. :-)

    1. Thanks Melissa! Now we just need to get rid of those kidney stones of hers and we're home free!

  5. why have i not seen this before? i love it!