Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge--Moves Like Gentry!

Hi Readers!  Really the Sunday Stamping in Adventures In Stamping on Facebook is pets BUT after I did this one I said OMG this is adorable and therefore a Gentryish mani!! You all know I have a sweet nail polish friend Jacki, from Adventures In Acetone who can do "cute" like nobodies business so today this one is totally dedicated to her! And in case you've always wanted to know if Jacki really is as sweet as she seems from her blog posts YES--YES SHE IS!  While I'm showing you this super cute mani try to have the theme from Moves Like Jagger in your head!
I had to go with cats and dogs because as far as I know there aren't any chinchilla images lol!  I got the idea for this color scheme from my niece Alex.  She is graduating next week from high school and she, her mom and I got together earlier this week and made the invitations to her party with these colors, pink yellow and blue!
Isn't this hot pink crackle so much fun????!!!!!! I love it over blue and yellow!
I got to use my beloved skelly fish image too so this is just too purrrfect!! LOL!  I used BM04 and Milani White on for the skelly fish.  I freehanded the bones with Milani White On.  I stamped using SH08 and Kleancolor Black for the cat and dog.  The paws were from CH27 and SH08.
Here's a picture of the polishes I used 
In honor of the pets challenge here are pics of my pets
Baxter is our only cat right now.  We lost his sweet brother, Sam, to an illness 2 years ago
I have several chinchillas!!!
You may have noticed my last little guy, Herman, has some limbs missing.  He was born with only one complete limb--a back leg.  He has no paws to hold with but he doesn't let any of that stop him!  Some people were afraid he would have no life and not be able to move but actually he hops and jumps just like all the other chinchillas I have.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. I love how you stamped over crackle! It came out great and so CUTE!

  2. Aww your pets are so sweet =) xo

  3. awww the pictures of your pets are adorable! <3
    and the mani is super cute too!

  4. The mani is so cute, I luv your chinchillas ^_^

  5. So cute! I'm loving all these pet mani's from the sunday stamping group x :-)

  6. That mani is cute! Thanks for being a good momma to Herman too! :)

  7. Wonderful mani, as usual. And i LOVE LOVE LOVE all your furr-babies!!! ♥

  8. This is such a fun post!! I enjoyed it so so much!!!
    The mani is SUPER CUTE and I totally love the Gentry connection LOL
    i am also quite jealous of some of your plates here... I need this cat stamp bad!!

    And then your furry friends... I am so in love!!! I ADORE cats and I think Baxter is doing a very good job representing his race! I'm really sorry about his brother :-(

    And then your Chinchillas... OMG!! What can I say... they are simply adorable!!! And I send Herman and Abigail some extra kisses <3

    oh and... sorry about the novel... you should know I have this problem by now...

  9. Those nails are so awesome! & your pets are all so so cute ^-^

  10. Love the mani. Leonard is seriously cracking me up. I saw his picture and couldnt stop chuckling and just fell in love. Then I realized why. In the bigger picture with the way he is standing and that look on his face - he looks like the Brain from Pinky & The Brain. I think Leonard is plotting with the others to take over the world! :-)