Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Check me out at Nails Adored AND The Pointless Cafe!!!

Hi Readers!!! I've managed to do the impossible!!! today I'm two different places at the same time!!! I'm guest posting for Jamie over at Nails Adored AND for Sheila at The Pointless Cafe!!

Jamie's husband is getting ready for deployment and she wants to spend lots of quality time with him before he's gone.  Jamie is a wonderful girl and a fabulous nail artist. Come and check out my post at http://www.nailsadored.com  after checking out my mani featuring my problem color--BLUE and one of my favorite polishes please stay and check out all of Jamie's cool stuff!!!
And could we all give an internet hug to Jamie and wish her husband godspeed and a quick return!

I'm also guest posting for the fabulous Sheila.  She got a color changing nail polish I saw a picture of on Pinterest and fell in love with!  I decided to work on a gradient to see if I could match it.  Sheila loved it so much she asked me to guest post
I did this gorgeous gradient and more at http://www.pointlesscafe.com

Come on over and check me out at both places!!!  Now if I could just figure out how to be working AND painting my nails at the same time I'd be doing great!!!


  1. These are both awesome! Great job!

  2. Thanks ladies you two are always so sweet!

  3. All the polish colors and designs for them are really fabulous , as they have given me a better idea and tips for nice polish.