Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who Are You?

Hi Everyone!  I recently snagged the newest collection from Paint  Box Polish. The 12 Collection is based off of the 12th Doctor in  Doctor Who.   This collection is stunning!! Seriously EVERY SINGLE POLISH IN THIS COLLECTION IS AMAZING!  There are a couple of multichromes, a matte, a to die for shimmer and the most glorious chunky holo flakies with red shimmer polish.  I am so glad I snagged this entire collection!

I started off with Who Are You? because it's a multichrome and let's face it I adore multichromes. So the good news is I have lots of great pics! The bad news is I didn't get any bottle shots LOL!

Who Are You? is a multichrome that shifts from deep teal to bright violet and it also has micro silver flakes in it which makes it super gorgeous! I snagged a copy of the bottle shot from the website
I wore it and about died so you know the next day I  HAD to stamp  over it.  Lucky for me the conference room where I walk every day helped to create an amazing shift!

Isn't this amazing?!

Some of my coworkers could not believe this was just one polish!
Some people thought my gradient was wicked cool

Some said it looked like the Northern Lights but I do believe the little silver flakies in here had a lot to do with that
Here's the vibrant violet shift
Really amazing!

Here's the deep teal again just gorgeous!

I stamped using one of my favorite plates from Born Pretty Store BPS BP-L011.  A few of my friends said they thought my mani was very HP.  I wouldn't know about that I simply wanted to do a mani which reminded me of UP NORTH in Wisconsin

The 12 Collection is still available over at Paint Box Polish 5 really fabulous polishes in this collection all unique and very different from each other
I've worn almost every one and have done some amazing nail art with them too. If you haven't tried Paint Box Polish yet you should definitely check them out!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fabulous day!