Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Celtic Duochrome

Hi Everyone Happy Hump Day!  This day did not start out well at all.  The city is on a boil advisory where I work due to a power outage and something about the psi level and blah blah blah.  Needless to say no water means NO COFFEE in the morning! OMG it was like fate worse than death around there for awhile.  Thankfully I survived and am totally prepared for tomorrow.  I will be making my Caramel Chaos at home and bring a delicious thermos of it with me to enjoy tomorrow morning LOL.

Awhile ago I got some really awesome stamping polishes to review for Girly Bits.  Being an avid stamper I was thrilled when Pam asked me if I would review her new stamping polishes.  While there are lots of indies out there making nail polish there are only a handful making stamping polishes.  

Some people wonder if they are the same as regular nail polish or are they truly different.  I would say with Mundo de Unas those are strictly stamping polishes, they are too thick to wear as a regular polish.  Some of the other indies such as Hit The Bottle and M Polish you could definitely wear as both the polish and the stamping polish.  Same here with Girly Bits while they are intended to use for stamping they are thin enough to wear as a regular polish or use as a gradient. Pam made both metallic colors and cremes.  Personally I am a creme girl but when I saw the bottle of British Racing Green she sent me I almost died.  It is a gorgeous metallic shimmer Forest Green. I just love it!

I thought for quite some time what I could wear it with and then BAM March hit and I was like YASSSS some Celtic nails are perfect for March.  Well really they are perfect for any time especially if you love those designs and images and I truly do.

I hauled out an oldie but goodie Catrice Genius In A Bottle and then stamped with the British Racing Green with my FUN 13 plate. It is pretty dang stunning if I do say so myself!

First up I'm going to post the bottle shots so you can see what I'm talking about
It's quite lovely
I had forgotten all about my Genius In A Bottle

Just a fantasic duochrome with it's golden bronze to green shift

sooooo pretty!

I think these colors were meant for each other

I had absolutely no trouble stamping with Girly Bits British Racing Green.  I used the crystal stamper I bought from Girly Bits to stamp this image and it was so easy to line up and get the center of the image lined up on the center of each nail.  The best part--if you make a mistake you can pull the image off with masking tape!  I love stamping polishes that do that!

Girly Bits has several stamping polishes available in addition to the crystal stamper, stamping plates and some awesome nail polishes as well as treatments and base and topcoats.  Exceptional products, exceptional customer service.  If you haven't yet check them out please do so HERE

It's been warm here for the past 2 days so I really should be thinking about some Spring mani's but right now I can't get off my Celtic kick!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. It looks really nice and I've been on my way buying this polish just because the name. We have a classic car in the color British Racing Green :)

  2. They truly are meant for each other!Fantastic mani! <3